“Barangay San Eugenio for a progressive community where residents are provided of the basic needs such as education, security, good sanitation and proper waste management, improved nutrition for the school and school children, livelihood projects for the various association or organizations and infrastructure projects, in coordination with concerned Government and private agencies for the full development of the barangay.”


Vision: Our vision is to create a vibrant and inclusive community in Barangay San Eugenio, Natividad, Pangasinan. We envision a place where residents live harmoniously, embracing diversity, and working together towards sustainable development. Our goal is to foster a safe, clean, and prosperous environment that promotes the well-being and progress of every individual, ensuring a high quality of life for all. Mission: 1. Community Empowerment: We are dedicated to empowering the residents of Barangay San Eugenio by providing opportunities for education, skills development, and entrepreneurship. Through training programs, workshops, and access to resources, we aim to enhance the capabilities of our community members, enabling them to actively participate in the local economy and contribute to its growth. 2. Social Welfare: We are committed to promoting the welfare of all residents, especially the vulnerable sectors of our barangay. Our mission is to provide social services, such as healthcare, education support, and assistance for the elderly and differently-abled individuals. We strive to create a compassionate and caring community where everyone feels valued and supported. 3. Environmental Sustainability: We recognize the importance of preserving our natural resources and protecting the environment for future generations. Our mission is to promote sustainable practices, such as waste management, tree planting, and eco-friendly initiatives. We aim to raise awareness about environmental issues and encourage the active participation of our residents in preserving and conserving our barangay's natural beauty. 4. Infrastructure Development: We are committed to improving the infrastructure in Barangay San Eugenio to enhance the quality of life for our residents. Our mission is to develop and maintain well-planned roads, bridges, public spaces, and utilities that support the needs of the community. We prioritize the safety and accessibility of our infrastructure to ensure the convenience and mobility of all residents. 5. Good Governance: We strive to establish transparent, accountable, and participatory governance in Barangay San Eugenio. Our mission is to promote ethical leadership, efficient public service delivery, and community engagement. We encourage open communication and collaboration among residents, government officials, and other stakeholders to foster a democratic and inclusive decision-making process. Through our vision and mission, we aim to build a strong and united community in Barangay San Eugenio, where residents can thrive, prosper, and enjoy a high quality of life.


Population 1,655


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Kgd. Wynver Ian C. Alap

Councilor 1
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Kgd. Josefina G. Dato

Councilor 2
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Kgd. Geronimo T. Olipas

Councilor 3
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Kgd. Leonardo A. Tadeja

Councilor 4
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Kgd. Hilario P. Garcia

Councilor 5
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Kgd. Orlando G. Batin

Councilor 6
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Kgd. Marcy R. Doque

Councilor 7
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Angelica A. Corpuz

SK Chairperson
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Hazel Jeva V. Seraspe

Barangay Secretary
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Myrna G. Cajio

Barangay Treasurer